Skeletons in Fallout 4’s Closet


It’s hard to disagree with the sentiments expressed in this article, as the author explains his feelings towards the various skeletons he he stumbles upon in the wasteland.

Last week I found a sole skeleton sat in a chair, a pistol nearby, bullets placed carefully on a table. Chems and beer were strewn about the place. I imagined the skeleton plucking up the courage to end it all, no doubt as an army of Ghouls tore at the door.

As you come across these game objects, visually different from any corpse you may create for yourself, you are enticed into wondering about the story behind them, what might have been happening here right as the bombs fell?

The author finds himself wondering if there is ‘boss’ of skeletons, in fact maybe even a leader of a team of skeleton artists dedicated to placing these scenes around the game world. I have to say, if this is a job that I can apply for point me in the right direction!

The signature skeletons from fallout are just one of a number of small additions that server to tell a far more compelling story than any of the quests available. While the quest line storytelling in Fallout 4 is mediocre at best, leaving much to be desired as far as a narrative, it is all these little easter eggs and hidden snippets of story that really make the post-war wastelands a joy to explore.


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