Battlefield Hardline

o238asda619While I can agree with most of the views presented in Austin Walker’s review of Battlefield Hardline, I think it’s fair to say he is missing the point. Sure the game may not be a great representation of what it is like to be in a police force, but as Marc Price states in his response piece in relation to multiplayer;

“Perhaps, but again, that’s not what Battlefield is. That’s not what we’re looking for when we play these games. That name connotes a certain style of gameplay, and Hardline unfortunately has to follow that style guide, for better or for worse.”

He is exactly right, and for anyone to expect a game in the Battlefield franchise to be anything other than a Battlefield game is misguided.

Both reviews seem to get rather hung up on the fact that this game was released surrounded by incidents of police violence. While it may not be a tactful time to release a game in which police violence abounds, it was released during a time in which there is increased public interest in all things police. While bringing potential bad publicity, this brings extra publicity to their product nonetheless, making it a sound decision economically.

I think its important to remember that this game is in no way intended to reflect reality, and to compare this game to the occurrences of actual police violence is pointless. The game is aimed at mature audiences, mature enough to differentiate reality from fantasy.